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Culture of Compliance

Our Culture of Ethics and Compliance

Takeda is an organization based on integrity. A culture of compliance is borne out of this foundation and it shapes, the decisions we make, and the actions that we take as Takeda employees. Please click here to view the Takeda Global Code of Conduct.

Takeda established an Ethics & Compliance Program that requires that all Takeda employees and agents be responsible for conducting their business activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, industry guidance and codes and the highest standards of business ethics. The Corporate Ethics & Compliance Program is aligned with the OIG Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. In addition, Takeda adopted the principles set forth in the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals.

One of the Program’s missions is to prevent and detect violations. To report a suspected violation, please call 1-888-TAKEDA-0 (1-888-825-3320) or make an on-line report by clicking this link .

1. Written Policies & Procedures

Our company Code of Conduct, Compliance Policies for Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (Compliance Policies), and related policies and procedures are tangible expressions of our culture of compliance. These documents guide and instruct Takeda personnel in the conduct of our day-to-day activities. The Code of Conduct and Compliance Policies express Takeda’s commitment to:

  • • preventing the occurrence or even the appearance of illegal or unethical behavior as soon as reasonably possible after its discovery; and
  • • disciplining employees who violate the Code of Conduct, Compliance Policies, or related policies and procedures, up to and including termination, in the sole discretion of Takeda.

The Code of Conduct is a statement of Takeda’s policies and procedures for conducting its business in accordance with applicable laws and the highest ethical standards. The Code contains the business and ethical policies that Takeda expects its management, employees, and agents to follow.

The Compliance Policies set forth the ethically appropriate manner in which Takeda personnel will interact with healthcare professionals. This document reflects the company’s adoption of the principles set out in the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals.

Takeda also has developed policies and procedures identifying appropriate conduct in the three primary risk areas for pharmaceutical companies identified in the OIG Guidance, including, (1) data integrity pertaining to government reimbursement practices; (2) kickbacks and other illegal remuneration; and (3) compliance with laws regulating drug samples.

2. Leadership & Oversight

Takeda has established its Office of Ethics & Compliance (OEC) to lead the company’s compliance efforts. The OEC is responsible for developing, implementing, and continuously improving Takeda’s Corporate Ethics & Compliance Program. Takeda is committed to ensuring that the OEC has the ability to effectuate necessary and appropriate change within the company and to exercise independent judgment. The Chief Compliance Officer of the OEC reports to Takeda’s President and CEO.

The OEC works closely with Takeda’s Ethics & Compliance Committees in shaping the company’s Corporate Ethics & Compliance Program. The mission of Takeda’s Ethics & Compliance Committees are to provide advice and oversight in the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of this Program. The Ethics & Compliance Committees consist of a number of Takeda’s senior management personnel from both Commercial and R&D, including the heads of the Legal, Marketing, Sales, and Medical & Scientific Affairs departments, which bring to the Committees a variety of skills and perspectives as well as the authority to effectuate compliance initiatives within their respective functions.

3. Training & Education

Training and education are critical features of Takeda’s Ethics & Compliance Program. We firmly believe that when provided with the proper tools and information, Takeda employees will conduct their activities in a manner consistent with our culture and the law. Takeda is committed to taking the necessary steps to effectively communicate our compliance policies and procedures to all employees.

New employees in both the Home Office and the field receive initial training and tenured employees receive annual refresher training on Takeda’s Code of Conduct and Compliance Policies. We employ a mix of instructor-led and computer-based training that is example based to provide employees with real world scenarios to which to apply Takeda’s policies. Takeda employees also receive training that is specific either to their particular roles—for example, sample accountability training for sales representatives involved with the distribution of samples—or to a particular topic area—for example, speaker program training.

4. Lines of Communication

Employees are encouraged to take advantage of Takeda’s open-door policy when it comes to raising compliance questions and discussing potential compliance concerns. Managerial personnel are available to respond to these questions and concerns, as is the OEC. If an employee does not feel comfortable talking with their manager, they also may contact the OEC directly or through the Takeda Compliance HotLine/HelpLine. Reports to the HotLine/HelpLine may be made anonymously. Upon receiving a report, the OEC, in conjunction with other relevant functions, will follow up to ensure appropriate resolution.

Takeda is committed to its policy of not retaliating against personnel who make good faith reports of potential compliance issues. This policy is expressed in Takeda’s Code of Conduct and Compliance Policies.

5. Monitoring & Auditing

The OEC has a dedicated team that engages in ongoing auditing and monitoring to evaluate the existence of appropriate policies and procedures, the implementation and communication of such policies and procedures, and compliance with such policies and procedures. In accordance with the OIG Guidance, the nature, extent, and frequency of the reviews Takeda conducts varies according to factors such as new regulatory requirements, changes to Takeda’s business practices, or identified high-risk areas.

In addition to the company’s auditing and monitoring activities, all Takeda employees are responsible for reporting potential compliance issues of which they become aware. Both the Code of Conduct and the Compliance Policies expressly highlight this responsibility.

6. Disciplinary Policies

Takeda is committed to having clear disciplinary practices to address situations where employees engage in illegal or unethical conduct. While conduct is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, the company will undertake disciplinary or corrective action in a consistent manner so as to ensure that such action is appropriate under the circumstances and has the intended deterrent effect. Penalties for compliance violations may include termination, depending upon the seriousness of the violation.

7. Investigation & Corrective Action

Takeda’s Ethics & Compliance Program is designed to create a culture of compliance and to help prevent the likelihood of the occurrence of illegal or unethical behavior. As recognized in the OIG Guidance, no compliance program can prevent all occurrences of misconduct by individuals. However, Takeda’s Ethics & Compliance Program is reasonably designed to prevent and detect violations.

The Code of Conduct and Compliance Policies both address the investigation of suspected violations of compliance policies. Upon receipt of reports or discovering information about a suspected violation of the Code of Conduct, Compliance Policies, or related policies and procedures, Takeda responds promptly, including, where appropriate, conducting an investigation to determine if a violation has occurred. If the company determines that a violation has occurred, it shall promptly take appropriate disciplinary and/or corrective action to help prevent similar violations in the future.

To further assist in preventing violations, the company screens individuals against the OIG exclusion list prior to making hiring decisions.

Takeda’s Compliance Mission

Takeda’s compliance mission boils down to one ideal—doing the right thing. At Takeda, we want to maximize our business opportunities, but we must always strive to minimize the risks associated with noncompliance. The purpose of the OEC is to ensure business continuity and growth through the reduction of risk and the ongoing development of and ethical culture. Takeda’s Corporate Ethics & Compliance Program is designed to help each and every one of us achieve this mission.

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