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Employee-Based Programs

Engaging Our Community

We undertake a wide range of philanthropic programs that benefit our communities including supporting employee-driven philanthropy.

Employee-Driven Philanthropy

Takeda encourages employee giving through support for various programs:

         •     Matching Gifts Program: Takeda will match each employee’s contribution of up to $5,000 every year.               
         •     Individual Volunteer Awards: Takeda provides grants to the organizations at which our employees volunteer.

Together, Takeda and its employees donated more than $1.8 million to community organizations this past fiscal year.

Employee Volunteerism

Our employees are the most important component behind our commitment to the community. Takeda employees at all levels contribute countless volunteer hours each year; serving on boards, acting as mentors, and participating in community activities. We commend their exceptional community service efforts, which include:

         •   Takeda Cares Day
              This year, more than 750 employees in the Deerfield office and 50 teams nationwide
              participated in the fifth annual employee and community event to raise $250,000 to
              benefit eight non-profit organizations and eight local schools. Takeda has donated more
              than $500,000 to local charities since the event began in 2011.

Takeda Cares Day 2015

         •   Holiday Giving Activities
              Each year, we provide employees an opportunity to support various charity organizations during the holiday               months. Programs for the 2015 season included providing gifts for families through the Salvation Army Angel               Tree program, and making donations to the Northern Illinois Food Bank and United Way of Lake County.

         •   Community Service
                   •  Two Days to Serve: Takeda employees receive two days of paid time off (PTO) each year to use for                               volunteer activities of their choice.
                   •  Department Initiatives: Several departments engage in team building activities which include charitable                       giving opportunities or community service events.

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